Gary Kilov Australian Diabetes Society and the Australian Diabetes Educators Association Annual Scientific Meeting 2016

Gary Kilov

Dr Gary Kilov is a founding member of the RACGP Diabetes specific interest group and a co-founder of the newly established primary care diabetes society of Australia (PCDSA). He is a contributor to the RACGP diabetes handbook 2015/16 as well as being a member of the NDSS Mental Health and Diabetes Program Expert Reference Group. Dr Kilov has established a multidisciplinary diabetes-focused general practice in Launceston, Tasmania. Dr Kilov shares his time between Launceston treating the full spectrum of patients with diabetes, obesity related conditions and respiratory illness, and travelling interstate where he is sought after for peer to peer and medical undergraduate education on diabetes. He has presented papers and conducted many educational sessions at national and international seminars and conferences (including ADS/ADEA, GPCE, WONCA and International Doctor’s Health conferences). In addition Dr Kilov has been published in a number of peer reviewed journals on topics covering diabetes and respiratory medicine and has made appearances on TV and radio. His interest in chronic disease management incorporates the spectrum of obesity related conditions, diabetes, respiratory medicine and mental health. Dr Kilov is a senior lecturer at UTAS and a past tutor and examiner of undergraduate medical students at Monash University His interest in chronic disease management stems from his own personal experience with both type 1 diabetes and lifelong coeliac disease.

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