Poster Presentation Australian Diabetes Society and the Australian Diabetes Educators Association Annual Scientific Meeting 2016

FlexIT Training for Health Professionals: A Novel Approach for Flexible Insulin Adjustment Education (#374)

Sonia Middleton 1 , Maggie Stewart 2 , Marisa Nastasi 2
  1. Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
  2. Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Melbourne, Australia

The specialist Baker IDI Education Services is one of the largest diabetes services in Australia providing individual consultations, client group programs and health professional training programs. Type 1 diabetes is a significant focus representing approximately 25% of clients seen.

The FlexIT (Flexible Insulin Therapy) Health Professional Training Program was launched through advertising on the Baker IDI website in 2016. The FlexIT Health Professional Training program is a structured face-to-face two or three day program for health professionals working with clients with type 1 diabetes. The program aims to upskill the workforce in using FlexIT principles to manage insulin requirements depending on carbohydrate intake, exercise, alcohol and other variables which impact on blood glucose levels.

Completion of the 3 day program is required to become an accredited FlexIT group program provider. Accredited providers were given lesson plans, resources and evaluation procedures to deliver the Baker IDI client program in their health service. Ongoing accreditation involves an annual exam and subscription fee.

Twenty four participants attended the first training program. A five point rating scale was used for the evaluation. Fifty percent of participants rated their confidence level as 1 or 2 pre-program (5= extremely confident). By the end ninety four percent of participants rated their confidence 4 or 5 teaching these principles. Ninety five percent rated the quality of the learning experience as a 4 or 5 (5 = excellent) and felt their learning goals were achieved during the program.

The FlexIT Health Professional training program provides a novel approach for upskilling health professionals in type 1 diabetes management and giving them the opportunity to deliver a Baker IDI client program in their setting. Further evaluation of health professionals and clients attending the group education program is required to determine the success of the program.