Workshop Australian Diabetes Society and the Australian Diabetes Educators Association Annual Scientific Meeting 2016

More than just the carbs - a new look at carbohydrate counting  (#111)

Alison Bennett 1 , Kathryn Kirchner 1
  1. Diabetes Queensland, Milton, QLD, Australia


To examine the intricacies of carbohydrate counting from a dietary perspective in order to gain a better understand of the day-to-day practical challenges.  

Learning objectives:

Examine the factors affecting carbohydrate counting from a whole diet perspective

Identify the effects of different diet patterns on carbohydrate counting

Discuss the importance of diet quality in addition to carbohydrate counting 

Understand the challenges of carbohydrate counting 

Format of the presentation: 

A 2 hour session that will encompass the delivery of information and practical activities that relate the information back to real world application.

Brief outline of the content: 

The 2 hour session delves into the finer details of carbohydrate counting to give participants a greater appreciation of the day-to-day practical challenges faced by their patients.  

We examine the multitude of nutrition related factors that affect the accuracy of carbohydrate counting; from the ingredients in a meal right through to the way it is cooked and served. 

We translate the recommended nutrient intakes into whole foods and diet patterns. Discussing the energy needs of the body, in particular the brain, and determine what this means in regards to an individual’s daily means.  

The session will also cover the current diet trends and fads with consideration for insulin dose adjustment; focusing on the impact these diets have on carbohydrate counting including the emerging evidence of the effect of fat and protein on glucose levels. 

We discuss the importance of overall diet quality and workshop the common stumbling blocks to achieving not only accurate carbohydrate counting but a healthy well-balanced diet that is enjoyable for the patient.